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President’s Message – March 2013

Dear GVers,

I am very excited to be the President of Gruppo-Velo and proud of the progress made by this club that has been in existing only since the start of this year.  There are (88) Gruppo-Velo members and a (10) member Board of Directors.  The Gruppo-Velo Board of Directors are: Glen Hees, President; Juan Ortega, Vice-President, Vartan Vegiyan, Secretary; Sebastian Kouladjian, Treasurer, Nevik Gevrikyan, Assistant Treasurer; Chris Contreras, Race Director; and Bryan Yates, Membership Director; additionally Joe Scully, Hrach Gevrikyan, and Matthew Gevrikyan are Gruppo-Velo Directors and Ryan Moore is our Marketing Consultant and Kimi Messina-Hees is the Women’s Coordinator.

Please contact me at [email protected], and let me know what you think would benefit you as a Gruppo-Velo member or the Club as a whole.  Anyone interested in volunteering their time and talents to Gruppo-Velo Club please contact me; website/IT experience is needed.

We were off to a great start with our Gruppo-Velo riding clinic in February led by Hrach Gevrikyan.  I can’t believe Hrach was able to lead the hill-climbing clinic three times up and over the hills surrounding the Rose Bowl; Hrach is strong as a bull.  Rick Babbington and Matthew LaBasso teamed up on a very informative clinic on bike fit and thoughtful warm-up and stretching techniques related to road bikes. Armin Rahm presented a clinic on efficient pedaling and sprinting techniques that was well received coming from a bike racer of his caliber.   Bryan Yates conducted parking lot drills that helped beginning riders to safety start their bike journey.  Nevrik Gevrikyan and I held down the fort at the event Command Center and while I rode some clinics Nevrik handled the book keeping and Gruppo-Velo kits distribution, thanks Nevrik.

Be safe and have fun riding, but when riding in a Group ride, assign a Group Ride Leader and follow their lead, act as a unit, be predicable, and keep two hands on handle bars.  Hold your line and position within the group.  Only pass or change line if safe to do so. Share the road with the cars, stay as far right as possible, allow cars to pass, don’t double up and block traffic, it’s a bike ride not a dance.

Keep it fun, keep it safe!


Gruppo Velo President

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